• Introduction to Ethics UNC Chapel Hill, Fall 2011. (file)
  • Social Justice UNC Chapel Hill, Fall 2011. (file)
  • Morality and Business scheduled at UNC Spring 2012. (file)
  • Teaching Statement UNC, 2011. (file)
  • Introduction into Philosophy at Rice University, Spring 2010 (full teaching responsibilities) (syllabus)
  • Introduction into Logic at Rice University, Spring 2009 & Summer 2008 (full teaching responsibilities) (syllabus)
  • Teaching Assistant for Mathematical Logic (Richard Grandy) at Rice University, Fall 2007, 2008
  • Teaching Assistant for Introduction into Cognitive Science (Robert Thompson) at Rice University, Fall 2009
  • Introductory & Advanced Courses I am prepared to teach: Ethics and Social & Political Philosophy (both historical and systematic), Logic, History from Descartes to Kant, History of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind

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